Tips to Prevent Rodent Infestation At Home

Rodents can be commonly seen in houses as they can easily enter into property through small holes or openings. However, these pests should not be taken lightly as they carry harmful bacteria that can transmit serious diseases, can damage your property and contaminate your food sources.

Fortunately, you can get rid of these creatures by availing services of pest control Canberra. Moreover, you can also follow some prevention tips to keep your place pest-free.

Prevention Tips to Prevent Rodent Infestation:

Remove Rodent Attractants

Several elements of your home are attractive to rodents which work as a source of food and shelter to them. By removing such things will keep the rodents away from your home. For instance:

  • Many items in trash acts as a food to rodents. They can easily reach the trash by smelling it. So, you should put the trash in dustbins with tightly closed lids.
  • Construction materials, waste furniture, woodpiles, junk items or any type of clutter kept in the yard are home to the rodents.
  • Cooking areas and openly kept food also attracts rats. You must also keep your lawn neat and tidy.

Seal up the Entry Points Properly

It might be surprising for you but rodents can sneak in even through the smallest crack holes or openings. So, it’s better to seal all the entry and exit points to avert them from invading inside the house. You can seal:

  • Around doors and windows
  • Around electrical, plumbing and cable holes
  • Corners of cabinets, cupboards and vents

Keep Proper Cleanliness

You should practice proper cleanliness in and around home. Don’t keep piled clutter anywhere at home. Don’t keep your food outside rather always keep it packed in containers.

Professional Help

If your home is invaded by multiple rats and you are unable to get rid of them, then you can instantly hire the professional pest control team to control rodent’s infestation.

Set-up Rat Traps

You can use mice traps to catch them. Use any small sized food item as bait and apply it on the trap. After that, you can keep it near the walls, corners of the doors or any small openings from where rodents usually invade into the house.

Final Words

It’s very important to maintain cleanliness at home to avoid pest infestation as they can cause multiple serious diseases. You can follow these prevention tips to deter rodents from rushing in the house. If the situation gets out of control, then you must instantly hire the professional team of pest control Canberra.