The Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

Usually, spiders prefer living outdoors. Hence it has been observed a few spiders find their way to our home and premises in search of food and shelter. So to keep them out from your place do not provide them food and a place to stay. This is the ultimate solution if you want a pest free home. Be a bit proactive and take care of the things. The red-black spider is dangerous to life. So take some measures to them at bay.

Spider Pest Control
Spider Pest Control


Follow a regular home cleaning process to make everything clean and tidy. Do not dump things here and there. Hire a pest control professional service at least once in a year to ensure the pest infestation at your place. Take the assistance of the Best Pest Control in Melbourne service at your area if you are identified with the spider pest infestation. Do not try to resolve the matter by applying some chemical and toxin method. Use of poison may cause you some more serious issues.

Simple Kitchen Tips to Get Rid of The Spider Issue.

Use of Onion:

Spiders are allergic to the smell of onions. It has old but effective wives to prevent spiders to enter into your home. Cut some onions and put them in a water bowl. Place the bowl near the place from where the spiders enter to your home. The tip works well.

Use of Cinnamon:

Beside Turmeric, you can also use Cinnamon to keep the spider at bay. Just sprinkle some powdered Cinnamon all around your home and the spider’s point of entry. It works two way. You will get a very good fragrance all-around your home and this will help you to get rid of the spider menace.

Spider Control Service
Spider Control Service

Some More Easy Household Tips a Homemaker Should Follow

Seal The Cracks and Holes:

Seal each and every crack and hole of your home to prevent spiders from entering your home. Use cement to fill the gaps of the walls, doors, and windows. Also take care of the faucets, cables, wires, and other electrical components holes. The spiders can easily find a way to enter even through a small gap and hole.

Keep Your Outdoor Lights Off.

Many insects and pests including spiders get attracted to light and come to your premises. So it is advisable not to put the light at night if it is not that required. Or you can use a yellow sodium vapor light which is not very bright.

Pest Control Services
Pest Control Services

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