Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders.

Spiders aren’t a serious issue in a house, they might look scary, but they avoid human interaction. Rather, they just kept themselves busy in building spider webs and hunting. Moreover, spiders are working as natural mosquitoes and pest repellant. The reason why spiders are annoying is that they make webs around and creeps in everywhere and freak us out.

The fear of spiders is common and known as arachnophobia, the eight legs and one creepy mouth with sometimes multiple eyes gives trauma. Also, spiders are very quick and also jumps very fast from one place to another place.

Coming to the point, here are some ways to stop the spider infestation and give you a complete power for Spider Control.

Spider Control
Spider Control

Follow These Methods In Order To Stop The Spider Infestation.

Below methods has been proved effective to stop the spider infestation, you can get rid of all type of spiders if you follow this guide carefully. All the methods described below are safe on environments and doesn’t require any harmful pesticides.

Preparation Of Natural Homemade Spray.

Talking of natural homemade spray, it’s the safest and humane way for spider pest control. In order to prepare the anti-spider homemade spray, you need peppermint oil, lavender oil and apple cider vinegar. Now, add few drops of peppermint oil in a jar filled with a half cup of clean water, following add few drops of lavender oil and apple cider vinegar in the jar as well, now pour this solution in a spray bottle. Your homemade spider repellent spray is ready, spray this solution on spiders, their webs and suspected areas, where they make their webs. This spray will repel spiders and prevent them from coming to your house.

Professional Spider Pest Control
Professional Spider Pest Control

Combination Of Citrus Peel And Witch Hazel Solution.

Citrus has a sharp scent, which annoys spiders and eventually makes them go away. To turn the citrus into effective spider repellent tool, you need to make it super strong. Take any citrus food, such as lemon or raw oranges and peel their out skin, now add the skin in the boiling water. Leave the water overnight, next day add a half cup of witch hazel solution in it. Pour this in a spray bottle and attack the spiders and their webs by spraying.

Diluted White Vinegar For Spider Control

As we all know white vinegar is the jack of all trades, it is used in the kitchen, for cleaning and stain removal. To make a spider repellant from it as well, all you need to do is prepare the diluted solution of white vinegar. When you spray it on the spiders they’ll go away and won’t come back again. No one likes foul smell coming from their neighbourhood.

Spider Infestation Control
Spider Infestation Control

Try Showering Turmeric Or Cinnamon Powder.

Using turmeric and cinnamon powder as a pest repellant or mainly spider repellant can give a good result. However, these are dust, thus use some precautions while sprinkling. Sprinkle the powder, where the spider is infesting, such as in your garage or kitchen, spiders will not come again.

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