How Does Pest Control Canberra Help In Keeping Mosquitoes Away?

No one likes mosquitoes buzzing over the head, do you? With the weather started warming up, it seems mosquitoes are also planning their entry back home. But now, you can make the difference by keeping mosquitoes away. For this, you should keep on looking for Pest Control Canberra from the earliest. Keep reading the below posts to know more about how to keep them at bay.

How dangerous are mosquito infestations?

Whether you are walking in a backyard or enjoying outdoor activities, there is nothing worse than a mosquito bite. This pest sucks blood and leaves itchy skin. Apart from this, they also carry deadly diseases. Chikungunya, Zika virus, Dengue are the diseases spread by mosquitoes. Additionally, they transmit yellow fever, encephalitis, filariasis, and more.

How to reduce the mosquito population?

Pest control professionals at Canberra suggest some ways which make your home less attractive to mosquitoes. Let us see here:

Stagnant water:

The most favorable breeding ground for mosquitoes is standing water. Therefore, start treating all the sources of stagnant water. Empty the containers, pots, birdbaths, ponds, pools and replace them with fresh water.

In addition, clean the debris that gathered over time in the gutter, which restricts water flow. Search any other source which holds water and clean them.

Repair and installation:

Repair the plumbing areas if they have leaks. Seal the gaps of the hole and patch the cracks in doors and windows. Install net in the window to minimize the entry point of mosquitoes. Also, close the doors and windows, especially during the evening time.

Mosquito repellents:

Use fans as a mosquito repellent while sitting around the gallery. Canberra pest control also suggests using some natural ways to repel mosquitoes when there is a low infestation.

However, when mosquito numbers are high, then these repellents may not work. In such a case, you can also take the help of chemical sprays.

Trim the bushes:

Cut the grass, avoid access mulch collection, and trim the branches to minimize the hiding spot of mosquitoes.

Seek help from a pest control company in Canberra!

There is no better option than choosing a professional to keep mosquitoes away.  They do the detailed inspection and provide the treatment plan keeping the safety of everyone in mind. Doing this, they help in a pest-free home and backyard so that you spend more time doing outdoor activities.


Typically mosquitoes are more active during the warmer seasons. Knowing this means you should prepare early for hiring professional pest control in Canberra so that you take command at the right time. Effective treatment helps in healthy families by keeping mosquitoes away.